Thursday, May 3, 2007


Yes, that is 7 stitches in Tylers toe! On Monday Hadlee crawled up the stairs and pulled herself up to a standing position on this wooden shelf/cabinet thing. She lost her balance and fell backward. The shelf fell with her, and a big ol' porcelain bowl fell that was on top shattered on the tile floor above Hadlees head. Tyler immediatly ran over to her saying "Hadlee, you ok?" Well as I am picking Hadlee up and telling Tyler to stay back, next thing I know there is a pool of blood around Tyler and she is screaming. At this point I was a little overwhelmed, i'm trying to calm Tyler down and see where she is bleeding, Hadlee kept trying to crawl around the blood and tile. When i would try to walk away from tyler to get rags or whatever Tyler would try to follow me. There was so much blood smeared all over the tile, mixed with this shattered bowl it was a scary scene. I finally got my downstairs neighbor, and I threw Hadlee at her, got a makeshift bandage wrapped around her foot and drove to the insta-care.

I met my mom and Joey there. Tyler was of course freaking out when it came to washing her foot, and then numbing it and stitching it. She didn't fight as much as i thought she would though. I was holding her laying on her tummy and Joey and my mom held her leg and her foot. It all was quick and fairly easy. I was there in my pj's, uncombed hair, slipper flip flops. and i believe the doctor thought that i was a teenage mother with a child out of wedlock. Because he directed all conversation and instructions to my mom! It was weird, sort of annoying, but kind of funny. Now as long as tyler has her sandal on which fits over her bandage, she can run, jump, climb, but if that shoe is off, she stands on one leg, refusing to budge. So tyler never removes that show not to get dressed, go potty, or even go to bed. Yes she sleeps in her shoes!

We had a nice final evening with Uncle Joey the night before he went into the MTC, and then onto Taipei, Taiwan. We will miss him very much. And hopefully Tylers last memory of Joey isn't him holding her down while a doctor sticks needles into her foot!