Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Tyler and Hadlee dressed up as kitty cats! They were so cute..they were "meowing" for the last week. I costumed up as a pirate..and scott as a freaky clown. This was at my aunts halloween party which was lots of fun!

Daddy and his kitty cats! I know this picture looks slightly like they are trying to be "sexy"kitty cats...but they arent I swear..Tyler wanted to curl up like a cat!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a few random pics...

Whats wrong with this Picture?

Snow, Swimsuits, & a Pumpkin? Typical screwed up Utah weather. I have been watching Kylee and Dylan for a few hours on Mon and Fri, so Teisha can go to the NICU to be with Easton. And when these girls get together they always end up back in pajamas for a "pajama party" or in princess dressups. And occasionally swimsuits. They think they are so funny when they running up the stairs in some crazy combination of clothes. This day Tyler and Hadlee ended up in swimsuits outside. They did have shoes on though. I let them stay out there long enough to take a picture!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ok..i know this is way way past due. A friend of mine told me my blog was
"slightly expired" These are just a handful of pics I have..the deal is ..i dont scrapbook, and this is the closest i may ever come to that..i dont take pictures..hardly ever..and i know i should...and i know I'll regret it..cause I already do..I actually did have twice this many, pictures of the circus. the girls painting eachother from head to toe. And some hilarious pictures of the girls wearing as much underwear as they could figure out how all the different ways to put it on. And some incredible pictures of our new nephew Easton, (your welcome to look at Scott and Teishas blog to see their 2 lb. miracle!) But they disappeared off the camera,I am blaming that on Tyler and Hadlee....I'm not gonna say I'll be better...because i offer no promises.

Summer "08 recap (sorta)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


...but in the meantime, here are some super cute pictures of my baby girls!! those of you who arn't around us much..Tyler is a literal clone of me, from her face to her attitude..and Hadlee is Scott!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hadlees 2 nd birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADLEE! she got two birthday cakes and parties, one with scotts family and one with my family! I couldnt get all the other pictures to upload for whatever reason! but hadlee enjoyed her birthday, all the cake and all the fun presents...thanks everyone!


Easter! well we did go to an Easter egg hunt, and i took pictures but for some reason (Scott says probably cause they are just like their mom) when they said GO! and all the kids started running Tyler and Hadlee freaked and clung to my leg! They both take a while to warm up in social situation..and the easter egg hunt didnt allow for warming up time! But these are their cute dresses, and they had lots of fun doing the easter egg hunt through the house!!

Tylers 1st REAL haircut!!

Tylers haircut!! so cute, and for those of you who dont regularly see her, we cut 7 inches off of her only regret is that i didnt do it a year ago! Tyler hates me to comb her hair and do it, and with it this length it doesnt get real tangly and its easy to do..which all adds up to less drama!


This was a fun tubing outing we went on with my work. it was tyler,sydney, and kylee! it was fun to see these 3 cousins together all within a year of eachother playing. Scott and Teisha had more on their blog about this outing!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


M O M ! !
My mom and i share the same birthday March 4. However they are living in New Zealand and they are a day ahead of us, so on mon march 3 is her birthday here in the U.S. Its sort of weird that we have different birthdays all of a sudden but on the same day all at the same time!!! This is a fun collection of pictures of grandma doing what we all love most, being outside. she taught us lots of great values and traits but she also taught us how to love the outdoors and these pictures show that. She always loves to play with the grandkids outdoors, and my life is full of memories of hiking, skiiing, camping, swimming, and all the other great stuff. she is a wonderful mom and grandma and an inspiring example, we miss her and wish we could all play together today, but hey she is in new zealand that sounds better than utah right now, doesnt it? ( I have a very weak picture collection so sorry to any bros and sis and kids that i dont represent well)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Picture the snow!!

My sister in law Erin took these great pictures out in the backyard.....the girls werent to excited to do this considering it was FREEZING cold outside...which Hadlees little red nose displays!! But they still turned out cute!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


or should i say week!!! its constant and still comin down...luckily i have nice neighbors who snow blow my driveway...not that it matters the city doesn't care to plow the cul-de-sac. which means i am stuck home!!!

Decorating christmas cookies...i cheated and bought the already made pre cut sugar cookies...

yes...hadlee is naked. again. she always is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep her dressed
Tyler and hadlee playing the constant game of dressup..

Hadlee helping decorate Uncle Joeys christmas box...this day i did something i NEVER thought i would do. i chose to not battle the girls in removing their outfits and we went to the post office in the middle of december decked out...wings and all..

gingerbead houses

Gingerbread houses--this is scotts familys tradition. we all get together and spend hours builing and decorating the house, we added a outhouse to ours this year!!

the girls definitly eat more candy then they actually glue on to the house