Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a few random pics...

Whats wrong with this Picture?

Snow, Swimsuits, & a Pumpkin? Typical screwed up Utah weather. I have been watching Kylee and Dylan for a few hours on Mon and Fri, so Teisha can go to the NICU to be with Easton. And when these girls get together they always end up back in pajamas for a "pajama party" or in princess dressups. And occasionally swimsuits. They think they are so funny when they running up the stairs in some crazy combination of clothes. This day Tyler and Hadlee ended up in swimsuits outside. They did have shoes on though. I let them stay out there long enough to take a picture!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ok..i know this is way way past due. A friend of mine told me my blog was
"slightly expired" These are just a handful of pics I have..the deal is ..i dont scrapbook, and this is the closest i may ever come to that..i dont take pictures..hardly ever..and i know i should...and i know I'll regret it..cause I already do..I actually did have twice this many, pictures of the circus. the girls painting eachother from head to toe. And some hilarious pictures of the girls wearing as much underwear as they could figure out how all the different ways to put it on. And some incredible pictures of our new nephew Easton, (your welcome to look at Scott and Teishas blog to see their 2 lb. miracle!) But they disappeared off the camera,I am blaming that on Tyler and Hadlee....I'm not gonna say I'll be better...because i offer no promises.

Summer "08 recap (sorta)