Friday, April 18, 2008


Hadlees 2 nd birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADLEE! she got two birthday cakes and parties, one with scotts family and one with my family! I couldnt get all the other pictures to upload for whatever reason! but hadlee enjoyed her birthday, all the cake and all the fun presents...thanks everyone!


Easter! well we did go to an Easter egg hunt, and i took pictures but for some reason (Scott says probably cause they are just like their mom) when they said GO! and all the kids started running Tyler and Hadlee freaked and clung to my leg! They both take a while to warm up in social situation..and the easter egg hunt didnt allow for warming up time! But these are their cute dresses, and they had lots of fun doing the easter egg hunt through the house!!

Tylers 1st REAL haircut!!

Tylers haircut!! so cute, and for those of you who dont regularly see her, we cut 7 inches off of her only regret is that i didnt do it a year ago! Tyler hates me to comb her hair and do it, and with it this length it doesnt get real tangly and its easy to do..which all adds up to less drama!


This was a fun tubing outing we went on with my work. it was tyler,sydney, and kylee! it was fun to see these 3 cousins together all within a year of eachother playing. Scott and Teisha had more on their blog about this outing!