Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween..and my Issues with it!!

Carving pumpkins was lots of fun...its kind of weird living in the house i grew up in. Because it brings back random memories when I do things. Like carving pumpkins, I remembered all the times growing up doing that. I had to practically twist scotts arm to participate he tends to be a little ba-hum-bug when it comes to holidays. But he did get into it and enjoy it..hence the psycho flame haired skeleton pumpkin..that was suppossed to be Hadlees!!We did some other cooler bigger pumpkins but i forgot to take a picture of they are all shriveled!!

The day before Halloween we had a neighborhood "trunk-r-treat" and then dinner afterward. This is lots of fun, its quick and easy. However I have a lot of memories of the good ol' fashion trick or treating to the doors. Well on the actual Halloween night i wasnt really up for doing the whole costume,chase the girls around. I figured they didn't know any different. so we stayed at home, we didnt get hardly any and the ones that did come were like 15 years old, or being driven around in a car!! Okay that is just wasn't that cold, and its not like we were in the boonies. Its just sad what the world has come to. tyler enjoyed opening the door and handing out candy. I was surprised she didn't wonder why she wasn't the one doing the trick or treating. well i'm sure i wont be able to get away with that next year. Oh and if you cant tell Tyler is a PINK fairy princess.. all she cared is that she was pink...(whos daughter is she??) And Hadlee is a ladybug, she wouldn't keep her hood on!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

This pumpkin patch out is syracuse is so so much fun, they have all sorts of stuff to do. Huge slides built on top of hay bales, and an inflatable pumpkin that the kids go inside and jump in, animal trains(painted barrels to look like animals)a corn shooter, like the apple gun on rachels blog. and of course a corn maze and a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out the pumpkins! I just realized that the girls have the same sweaters on that they did on the snowbasin pictures. Thats funny.. I swear we have more sweaters than those ones!!

Tyler and Kylee! cousins and so cute!! They are only 5 months apart!

Teisha me and the girls~oh and boy-Dylan!!

More snowbasin pics!

The girls frolicking in the mountains!!
Tylers first nature squat! I bet Grandma was so proud!!!