Saturday, December 15, 2007

We've been Elfed

This is flippin hilarious, i redid this a whole bunch tryin to get scotts head not on the girl body, i think it does it random or i am just stupid. anyways just watch it!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mischevious Mascara girls!!

The other day after the gym. The girls sat down to watch Dora, while mommy took a shower, this is usually the routine which works fine. This time however mommy found this when she got out!! My mascara all over them! Tyler said "WE PAINTED MOM" (mom and dad:dont fret none of it got on this couch or the carpet just the kids!!) needless to say Tyler got paints (washable of course) for her birthday!

YEAH!! Finally snow!!

We finally got some snow! and lots of it, it started raining friday night about 9:00. and by morning we had 6 inches of heavy thick snow!! It continued to snow until about noon! Luckily i had bought the needed snow gear the day before and we were prepared. this picture (above) is looking out from my parents backyard deck, i'm sure they love to see this!!

I've fallen again!!,HELP!!

the girls makin snow angels! first ever!

Climbing the snow mountain!!

We were all so excited to play in the snow, Tyler had tons of fun, Hadlee tried but couldn't move very well she ended up on her face alot.!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tyler!!!!

Tyler turned 3 on November 23. the day after thanksgiving. Tyler kind of had an extended birthday all weekend long. On Friday her actual birthday, we got a sitter for Hadlee, and Scott and I and Tyler went to see the BEE MOVIE, which was very good by the way. We went to the new theatre in Ogden, its a really neat theatre, they let you bring in your food, like whatever you order from surrounding restaurants or whatever. and the seats are all stadium style so like we were on the 2nd row from the bottom all the way on the side and it was fine. At this same place they have the jumping from a plane simulator, rock climbing walls, and the water surfing which scott LOVES! so its a fun place just to wander around and watch people do crazy stuff. Anyways lots of fun, then we waited until sunday to do the presents/birthday cake/ice cream thing. cause everyone was out of town, so all the family came over and gave tyler lots of presents. Tyler was set on this butterfly cake, it was a disaster. if you see this cupcake-pullapart molds in the store, dont buy them they dont work! we tried 2 different times and it all just stays in the mold no matter how long it cools or how much you greased it up before hand. pretty much we ended up with like a crust of the cake that i decorated like a butterfly with a hollow cake/ pile of crumbs underneath. i figured kids didn't care. anyways lots of fun!! the disaster butterfly cake!
the three cousins LOVED the princess fairy dressup dresses from my mom. and all coloring on the easel as well!

Thanksgiving..yummy yum yum

sorry no pictures for this event. I took the camera, put just never pulled it out. I didn't think to cause the other 50 people there all had cameras going like crazy! (I am sorry mom and dad! But im sure and i hope that one of your siblings will send you some pics!) We went to my moms side for thanksgiving, which is always quite an event with 12 siblings all who are married with lots o kids it can usually get pretty crazy, but this year they had it in a cultural hall in a church which was awesome! lots of room, a nursery to keep the kids out of our way, and of course lots of food!
I have a confession to make..i dont like blogging! WAIT hold on, before you shoot me like a turkey..i LOVE reading everyone elses blogs, just not creating mine. so i am sorry. i'm workin' on it.