Wednesday, January 9, 2008


or should i say week!!! its constant and still comin down...luckily i have nice neighbors who snow blow my driveway...not that it matters the city doesn't care to plow the cul-de-sac. which means i am stuck home!!!

Decorating christmas cookies...i cheated and bought the already made pre cut sugar cookies...

yes...hadlee is naked. again. she always is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep her dressed
Tyler and hadlee playing the constant game of dressup..

Hadlee helping decorate Uncle Joeys christmas box...this day i did something i NEVER thought i would do. i chose to not battle the girls in removing their outfits and we went to the post office in the middle of december decked out...wings and all..

gingerbead houses

Gingerbread houses--this is scotts familys tradition. we all get together and spend hours builing and decorating the house, we added a outhouse to ours this year!!

the girls definitly eat more candy then they actually glue on to the house