Saturday, December 15, 2007

We've been Elfed

This is flippin hilarious, i redid this a whole bunch tryin to get scotts head not on the girl body, i think it does it random or i am just stupid. anyways just watch it!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mischevious Mascara girls!!

The other day after the gym. The girls sat down to watch Dora, while mommy took a shower, this is usually the routine which works fine. This time however mommy found this when she got out!! My mascara all over them! Tyler said "WE PAINTED MOM" (mom and dad:dont fret none of it got on this couch or the carpet just the kids!!) needless to say Tyler got paints (washable of course) for her birthday!

YEAH!! Finally snow!!

We finally got some snow! and lots of it, it started raining friday night about 9:00. and by morning we had 6 inches of heavy thick snow!! It continued to snow until about noon! Luckily i had bought the needed snow gear the day before and we were prepared. this picture (above) is looking out from my parents backyard deck, i'm sure they love to see this!!

I've fallen again!!,HELP!!

the girls makin snow angels! first ever!

Climbing the snow mountain!!

We were all so excited to play in the snow, Tyler had tons of fun, Hadlee tried but couldn't move very well she ended up on her face alot.!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tyler!!!!

Tyler turned 3 on November 23. the day after thanksgiving. Tyler kind of had an extended birthday all weekend long. On Friday her actual birthday, we got a sitter for Hadlee, and Scott and I and Tyler went to see the BEE MOVIE, which was very good by the way. We went to the new theatre in Ogden, its a really neat theatre, they let you bring in your food, like whatever you order from surrounding restaurants or whatever. and the seats are all stadium style so like we were on the 2nd row from the bottom all the way on the side and it was fine. At this same place they have the jumping from a plane simulator, rock climbing walls, and the water surfing which scott LOVES! so its a fun place just to wander around and watch people do crazy stuff. Anyways lots of fun, then we waited until sunday to do the presents/birthday cake/ice cream thing. cause everyone was out of town, so all the family came over and gave tyler lots of presents. Tyler was set on this butterfly cake, it was a disaster. if you see this cupcake-pullapart molds in the store, dont buy them they dont work! we tried 2 different times and it all just stays in the mold no matter how long it cools or how much you greased it up before hand. pretty much we ended up with like a crust of the cake that i decorated like a butterfly with a hollow cake/ pile of crumbs underneath. i figured kids didn't care. anyways lots of fun!! the disaster butterfly cake!
the three cousins LOVED the princess fairy dressup dresses from my mom. and all coloring on the easel as well!

Thanksgiving..yummy yum yum

sorry no pictures for this event. I took the camera, put just never pulled it out. I didn't think to cause the other 50 people there all had cameras going like crazy! (I am sorry mom and dad! But im sure and i hope that one of your siblings will send you some pics!) We went to my moms side for thanksgiving, which is always quite an event with 12 siblings all who are married with lots o kids it can usually get pretty crazy, but this year they had it in a cultural hall in a church which was awesome! lots of room, a nursery to keep the kids out of our way, and of course lots of food!
I have a confession to make..i dont like blogging! WAIT hold on, before you shoot me like a turkey..i LOVE reading everyone elses blogs, just not creating mine. so i am sorry. i'm workin' on it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween..and my Issues with it!!

Carving pumpkins was lots of fun...its kind of weird living in the house i grew up in. Because it brings back random memories when I do things. Like carving pumpkins, I remembered all the times growing up doing that. I had to practically twist scotts arm to participate he tends to be a little ba-hum-bug when it comes to holidays. But he did get into it and enjoy it..hence the psycho flame haired skeleton pumpkin..that was suppossed to be Hadlees!!We did some other cooler bigger pumpkins but i forgot to take a picture of they are all shriveled!!

The day before Halloween we had a neighborhood "trunk-r-treat" and then dinner afterward. This is lots of fun, its quick and easy. However I have a lot of memories of the good ol' fashion trick or treating to the doors. Well on the actual Halloween night i wasnt really up for doing the whole costume,chase the girls around. I figured they didn't know any different. so we stayed at home, we didnt get hardly any and the ones that did come were like 15 years old, or being driven around in a car!! Okay that is just wasn't that cold, and its not like we were in the boonies. Its just sad what the world has come to. tyler enjoyed opening the door and handing out candy. I was surprised she didn't wonder why she wasn't the one doing the trick or treating. well i'm sure i wont be able to get away with that next year. Oh and if you cant tell Tyler is a PINK fairy princess.. all she cared is that she was pink...(whos daughter is she??) And Hadlee is a ladybug, she wouldn't keep her hood on!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

This pumpkin patch out is syracuse is so so much fun, they have all sorts of stuff to do. Huge slides built on top of hay bales, and an inflatable pumpkin that the kids go inside and jump in, animal trains(painted barrels to look like animals)a corn shooter, like the apple gun on rachels blog. and of course a corn maze and a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out the pumpkins! I just realized that the girls have the same sweaters on that they did on the snowbasin pictures. Thats funny.. I swear we have more sweaters than those ones!!

Tyler and Kylee! cousins and so cute!! They are only 5 months apart!

Teisha me and the girls~oh and boy-Dylan!!

More snowbasin pics!

The girls frolicking in the mountains!!
Tylers first nature squat! I bet Grandma was so proud!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Snowbasin fun!

This was one of the last get togethers with Grandma before she left we went up to snowbasin when all the leaves were changing pretty colors and went on a little walk and ate lunch. The kids loved it! Lots of fun!


Why hello! How is everyone? Well let me tell you of my any of you out there ever try to upload a good handful of pictures to your blog using dial up?? EXTREMELY SLOW.. so slow in fact i have yet to be successful.. For some reason Qwest is at its capacity for internet service in this Layton neighborhood. so it will be a few months before it will be increased. so until then we are on this. so be patient I am working on it!!
Well here is a quick update on the Goodes. we were building a house in Morgan it was about 6 weeks from being done, when all the mortgage companys went haywire, and interest rates went haywire. We werent locked into our rate because the builder was carrying the "loan" until it was done and we closed. Anyways our mortgage payment increased dramatically and we didn't want to getourselves into that..About this same time my parents were looking for a renter for their Layton home while they took off the New Zealand for 15 months. So we are living there in Layton where laura (me) grew up. So until further notice that is where we are! I promise i will get some pictures up we have some really cute ones of the girls up at snow basin and the pumpkin patch. until later ...cya

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We are alive!!

okay i am sorry, lets see my excuses this time around is still the traveling laptop, but now also our only camera is struggling, it still takes pictures but the lens is stuck in the out position and doesn't zoom in/out anymore its just broken so its just a pain to use it. Plus i have never been really good about takin pictures, sadly enough for my girls. parents are going to New Zealand, for 15 months and in a promise to my mom..and dad, i will do much better with posting pictures and all about what we are doing. they leave OCT 1 so stay tuned because starting then you all might see a lot more of us. ( I dont expect many people even look at this blog anymore..but if you do leave a comment so i know someone out there is even looking)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I just posted my first blog thingy. Isn't technology neat?! -Scott

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time for an update?

Okay, okay! I know and I am sorry its been a whole month. and its been an eventful month at that. Danny and Erin got married! Rachel and her family has been here visiting, we went to the zoo. And I totalled my car(yes it is the third car I have totalled, I don't want to hear it!) We were all fine in that by the way, Tyler still talks about the broken trees, and broken car, and her owies,(which were 2 little specks of blood, from the broken glass.) It is a miracle we weren't hurt worse though, it was pouring rain and I just hit a big ol' puddle of water and hydroplaned, spun around and smashed through a couple of trees.
Anyhow, until next time here are a couple of pictures until I say hello again! This is the best family picture we could get at the wedding. No smile from Hadlee but it'll do!!!

This completely speaks for itself!!! Tyler got a little grumpy when she felt forced to get in a family photo. I love this picture its so funny to me!!
Hadlee dissapointed us all a little, when she wasn't walking by the wedding and she was given plenty of notice! Hadlee is trying to crawl in her dress, which didn't work so well, and frustrated her terribly and made her mad!! after a few hours i got smart and tyed her whole dress up around her waist. Hadlee is a closet walker, she will walk all the way across the room if she thinks no one is watching!

Tyler and Aleah, They will be the best of friends some day but they aren't quite there yet! This is a good start though!!

The Zoo!! Tyler enjoyed her first day at the zoo, Scott and Teisha and there two kids came, and of course Rachel and her clan, and of course Grandma! we have done lots of fun things with everyone since Rachel has been visiting! We will miss her and her family.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Yes, that is 7 stitches in Tylers toe! On Monday Hadlee crawled up the stairs and pulled herself up to a standing position on this wooden shelf/cabinet thing. She lost her balance and fell backward. The shelf fell with her, and a big ol' porcelain bowl fell that was on top shattered on the tile floor above Hadlees head. Tyler immediatly ran over to her saying "Hadlee, you ok?" Well as I am picking Hadlee up and telling Tyler to stay back, next thing I know there is a pool of blood around Tyler and she is screaming. At this point I was a little overwhelmed, i'm trying to calm Tyler down and see where she is bleeding, Hadlee kept trying to crawl around the blood and tile. When i would try to walk away from tyler to get rags or whatever Tyler would try to follow me. There was so much blood smeared all over the tile, mixed with this shattered bowl it was a scary scene. I finally got my downstairs neighbor, and I threw Hadlee at her, got a makeshift bandage wrapped around her foot and drove to the insta-care.

I met my mom and Joey there. Tyler was of course freaking out when it came to washing her foot, and then numbing it and stitching it. She didn't fight as much as i thought she would though. I was holding her laying on her tummy and Joey and my mom held her leg and her foot. It all was quick and fairly easy. I was there in my pj's, uncombed hair, slipper flip flops. and i believe the doctor thought that i was a teenage mother with a child out of wedlock. Because he directed all conversation and instructions to my mom! It was weird, sort of annoying, but kind of funny. Now as long as tyler has her sandal on which fits over her bandage, she can run, jump, climb, but if that shoe is off, she stands on one leg, refusing to budge. So tyler never removes that show not to get dressed, go potty, or even go to bed. Yes she sleeps in her shoes!

We had a nice final evening with Uncle Joey the night before he went into the MTC, and then onto Taipei, Taiwan. We will miss him very much. And hopefully Tylers last memory of Joey isn't him holding her down while a doctor sticks needles into her foot!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Bath time in our house is the most craziest and chaotic time ever. Generally Scott doesn't get home until after bedtime, so its up to me. I try to alternate the children so i can be drying and dressing one while the other is playing, however Hadlee this time around was not interested in waiting so she climbed in head first fully clothed, after i took the pictures, I remembered we had a picture of Tyler doing the same thing with Hadlee when she was first born! The funny thing is they fight on getting in together but once they are in together they fight. (Tyler likes to lay down and Hadlee gets in the way!)
I'm sorry i don't post more but, our only computer is Scotts laptop, which he takes to work everyday, and i don't always feel like posting stuff at 9:30 at night. I will try to at least do it on the weekends though!

Hadlees crazy hair after the bath!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hadlees' 1st Birthday

Hadlee turned 1 yesterday on March 31. She had a fun day with lots of family and presents and sugar. Tyler didn't quite understand the concept of "Hadlees Birthday" and "Hadlees Presents", which of course led to some very dramatic tantrums. But in the end it was great. Tyler helped me make the cupcakes, which led to Scott making a quick trip to Wal-Mart after she poured the whole bottle of oil into the batter. But it looks like she enjoyed the final result. I was very happy that Hadlee enjoyed her cupcake, at Tylers 1st birthday, she just looked at everyone and wouldn't even touch her cake with a finger.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello family and friends! We thought we would join the blog club, I'm not the smartest with computers and such but hey I will give it a try. We are currently living in Mountain Green, while we build a house in Morgan. Tyler is about 2 1/2 and Hadlee will turn 1 on March 31. It is fun to read all about everyone and see pictures.