Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time for an update?

Okay, okay! I know and I am sorry its been a whole month. and its been an eventful month at that. Danny and Erin got married! Rachel and her family has been here visiting, we went to the zoo. And I totalled my car(yes it is the third car I have totalled, I don't want to hear it!) We were all fine in that by the way, Tyler still talks about the broken trees, and broken car, and her owies,(which were 2 little specks of blood, from the broken glass.) It is a miracle we weren't hurt worse though, it was pouring rain and I just hit a big ol' puddle of water and hydroplaned, spun around and smashed through a couple of trees.
Anyhow, until next time here are a couple of pictures until I say hello again! This is the best family picture we could get at the wedding. No smile from Hadlee but it'll do!!!

This completely speaks for itself!!! Tyler got a little grumpy when she felt forced to get in a family photo. I love this picture its so funny to me!!
Hadlee dissapointed us all a little, when she wasn't walking by the wedding and she was given plenty of notice! Hadlee is trying to crawl in her dress, which didn't work so well, and frustrated her terribly and made her mad!! after a few hours i got smart and tyed her whole dress up around her waist. Hadlee is a closet walker, she will walk all the way across the room if she thinks no one is watching!

Tyler and Aleah, They will be the best of friends some day but they aren't quite there yet! This is a good start though!!

The Zoo!! Tyler enjoyed her first day at the zoo, Scott and Teisha and there two kids came, and of course Rachel and her clan, and of course Grandma! we have done lots of fun things with everyone since Rachel has been visiting! We will miss her and her family.