Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Tyler and Hadlee dressed up as kitty cats! They were so cute..they were "meowing" for the last week. I costumed up as a pirate..and scott as a freaky clown. This was at my aunts halloween party which was lots of fun!

Daddy and his kitty cats! I know this picture looks slightly like they are trying to be "sexy"kitty cats...but they arent I swear..Tyler wanted to curl up like a cat!



Mallory said...

cute! I like the kitty costumes. Your girls seem like they are such good friends and have a lot of fun together. I hope we can say that about our kids. Happy halloween!

tyler said...

The costumes turned out so cute! I think they may be the cutest kitty cats ever! Oh and I love the header picture it's so cute!

Em and Brad said...

Hey Scott and Laura!

It's Emily, Scott's old buddy from Morgan High. I happened to find your blog through other friends, and decided I'd drop you guys a "hello!" You have the cutest little family and beautiful girls! Looks like you had a fun Halloween. Hope all is well!

Emily (Warner) Wyatt

Scott said...

Your background is still Autumn. just sayin

Peterson Fam said...

Seriously Laura...We need some updating here!

hugginsfam08 said...

ur girls are cute:) and ur right i think its time for a new update or something. :) hope all is well with u,ur family and work. See Ya