Monday, October 6, 2008

Ok..i know this is way way past due. A friend of mine told me my blog was
"slightly expired" These are just a handful of pics I have..the deal is ..i dont scrapbook, and this is the closest i may ever come to that..i dont take pictures..hardly ever..and i know i should...and i know I'll regret it..cause I already do..I actually did have twice this many, pictures of the circus. the girls painting eachother from head to toe. And some hilarious pictures of the girls wearing as much underwear as they could figure out how all the different ways to put it on. And some incredible pictures of our new nephew Easton, (your welcome to look at Scott and Teishas blog to see their 2 lb. miracle!) But they disappeared off the camera,I am blaming that on Tyler and Hadlee....I'm not gonna say I'll be better...because i offer no promises.


The Buxtons said...

Well, we will just have to take what we can get right? I still look at your blog when you update and I love it! For me, it makes it so I'm not quite so homesick (not that I have a problem with homesickness) but it helps me feel like I kind of know what is going on in my friends lives!!! So, I will just wait 6 more months and check it again! :) Kidding! I miss you guys tons, I need to call you and hear that latest!

Kiwa Nana or Papa said...

Hey, you are great. Wonderful pictures. Cherish those little beauties. Can't wait to see you at Christmas. Love the pictures and you. mum

Jason said...

You're in good company - Adam, Kyle, and Melissa are all lazy bloggers, though to be honest I don't think Kyle knows what a blog is.


Think on the bright side, 10 years ago we'd have had nothing so I'll agree with the Buxtons. We'll take what we can get.

Mallory said...

that picture of tyler is kinda gross...but really funny. the river rafting trip looked like lots of fun.

Alivia Stutzman said...

Hey there Lauralita,
how the heck are ya? You're girls are beautiful!!!! I miss you!
Love you,