Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whats wrong with this Picture?

Snow, Swimsuits, & a Pumpkin? Typical screwed up Utah weather. I have been watching Kylee and Dylan for a few hours on Mon and Fri, so Teisha can go to the NICU to be with Easton. And when these girls get together they always end up back in pajamas for a "pajama party" or in princess dressups. And occasionally swimsuits. They think they are so funny when they running up the stairs in some crazy combination of clothes. This day Tyler and Hadlee ended up in swimsuits outside. They did have shoes on though. I let them stay out there long enough to take a picture!


My Life As A Single said...

You girls amaze me! Both you and Holly! How do you ever get such cute arrangements of the pictures on your site????? And, I LOVE pictures. Thanks for letting me see them. The ol' Aunt

Ashlee said...

Gotta love Utah!!!

The Buxtons said...

Crazy Utah weather! Love the pics! It was so good to talk to you today!